Bernardo International, Inc. is an innovative investment and management company established in January 2003. The company has a strong network of investors and advisers all over the world, including its own team of general partners and executives in the US, Japan and Korea.


The company focuses on the following three main activities:

  • Provide strategic business consultations for venture companies, producers and investment funds, and execute own investment in venture companies from time to time.
  • Support venture companies’ entrance strategies into Asia including, but not limited to, establishment of the local entity, hiring local executives, organization of distribution channels, and arrangement of the local manufacturing facility.
  • Support Asian venture companies’ entrance strategies into the U.S., including, but not limited to, establishment of the most appropriate entity considering the goals of the venture company, introduction to venture capitalists and investors, finalization of Private Placement Memorandum necessary for investment rounds, making and/or evaluating necessary agreements with attorneys, hiring executives and employees based on US regulations, identification of the appropriate distribution channels, and providing sales and marketing strategies and the implementation of these strategies.




I would like to extend an invitation to you all to join my LinkedIn group: Japanese Speaking Executives(JSE). We now have more than 12,000 members worldwide! : Satoru Yukie, Founder 

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Rob Schroth has joined Bernardo International as General Partner!

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